"Give Your Comp the Competitive Edge" Video/Voice Crits

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Video Crits
Voice Crits

Video Crits are videos of a dancers routine with the adjudicators commentary. Providing an accurate and personalised Crit, leaving no question as to what the adjudicator was talking about. 

A Voice Crit is the adjudicators comments as an audio file that dancers can listen back to and hear the corrections and comments from their routine. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Client Services


As part of our Photography services, we take images of EVERY routine that performs on comp day. 
These images are then later added to Your Comp Gallery with a password. 

With pre-paid services available, theres an option to suit every budget.


Much like our Photography services, As part of Videography we take footage of EVERY routine that performs on comp day. 
These Videos can then be purchased on the day, with same day delivery or ordered through our photo galleries.