Leila Pirova &Jayden Nastevski

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June 2020


 Leila Pirova.



I am 15 years old turning 16 in December. 


Years of Dance Training:

I started dancing in 2009 so that makes 11 years. 


Dance Studio: 

My home studio is Dance Discovery and i also do the youth ballet program with Victorian State Ballet. 

Favourite Dance Style:

 I LOVE ballet as there’s always something to work

towards and overall it’s such an exquisite style and if you truly have a passion for it and you put in 110% effort you can make it look absolutely amazing!  ​


Favourite Dance Mentor: 

I love all my teachers and i’m forever grateful for all the advice they’ve given me throughout the years, but my two absolute favourites are Ms Beth Sherriff and Ms Freya Tullberg. They’ve both helped me grow as a dancer and believed in me since day 1!! 


My name is Jayden Nastevski



I am 17 years of age, turning 18 in July.


Years of Dance Training:

I have been dancing for two years now, I started dancing in 2018 when I was offered a Musical Theatre Scholarship, in which I was lucky enough to train in all dance styles and be a part of the Elite team. 


Dance studio:

N/A I am currently a freelance performer and am not training dance at a studio.


Favourite Dance Style:

My favourite dance style would have to be Musical Theatre. I have always been such an outgoing, loud and EXTRA person and coming across the style of Musical Theatre was just perfect for me! I love this dance style so much as i am able to 'not be myself' for a couple of minutes and put myself into a variety of different characters, being able to dress up and impersonate different characters is so much fun!! I love bringing things to life.

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