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July 2020

Charlotte Johnston & Holly Gravell


Charlotte Johnston


I am 11 years old

Years of Dance Training:

I have been dancing for nearly 10 years now. I was 2 and a half when I started.

Dance Studio:

I used to go to RSD studios Australia but now I go to Patricia-Ann School Of Dance because we moved house and found a school closer to our new home.

Favourite Dance style:

I really love ballet! I like all styles I would pick ballet! I one day hope I can get pointe shoes

Favourite Dance Mentor:

This is a tough one! I really love and am greatful for the things Shannen Tunstall had done for me! Even though I have moved she still means a lot to me and I miss RSD But I also love my new school and the teachers in my new school and I look forward to working with Miss Cloee and Miss Trish!



My name is Holly Gravell.



I am 11 years old.


Years of Dance Training:

I have been dancing for 8 years.


Dance Studio:

My studio is Millennium Dance Studios in Keysborough and I also train with Jacqui Rinaldi at NIPA. 


Favourite Dance Style:

I love all styles of dance but my favourite is jazz because it is really fun and I get to show my personality. I also love how it can be challenging because there are lots of kicks, turns, jumps and acrobatics.


Favourite Dancer Mentor:

I have 5 dance teachers who I love but my favourite teacher is Marissa Mylonas who is the Principal of Millennium. Three years ago Miss Marissa saw my potential and was the one who encouraged me to start competing. She is kind and supportive and has taught me so much since I joined Millennium four years ago. 

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